Empowering Widows Worldwide: The Sisterhood of Widows and VOM’s Journey of Support and Empowerment

Grief is a deeply personal journey that often feels isolating, especially for widows who are navigating life after the loss of a spouse. The Sisterhood of Widows, along with its partner program We Voice Of Widows (VOM), seeks to provide a supportive and empowering platform for widows, orphans, and divorced individuals. At the heart of this initiative is the belief that no one should have to face grief alone, and that there is strength in unity and community support.


Founded by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a renowned entrepreneur and advocate for widows’ rights, the Sisterhood of Widows and VOM aim to create a safe space where individuals can find resources, guidance, and solidarity. Dr. Bhat’s vision stems from his own personal experiences and the recognition of the challenges widows often face, from financial struggles to emotional wellbeing.


Central to the Sisterhood of Widows is the 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurship (28COE), a comprehensive program designed to empower widows with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to rebuild their lives. This program encompasses various areas such as financial literacy, personal development, and career guidance. By equipping widows with entrepreneurial skills, the 28COE aims to foster independence, resilience, and self-sufficiency.


One of the key aspects of the Sisterhood of Widows and VOM is the global network of partners and supporters. Through collaborations with organizations, businesses, and individuals around the world, the initiative expands its reach and impact, providing widows with access to diverse resources and opportunities. These partnerships also facilitate advocacy efforts, raising awareness about the challenges widows face and advocating for their rights and support systems.


The Sisterhood of Widows and VOM offer a range of resources and services, including online support groups, counseling services, financial planning workshops, educational programs, and community events. These initiatives are tailored to meet the unique needs of widows, ensuring they have the tools and support to navigate their grief journey and rebuild their lives with resilience and hope.


Through empowerment, education, and community-building, the Sisterhood of Widows and VOM strive to create a brighter future for widows and their families. By fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment, and solidarity, this initiative aims to transform grief into a journey of growth, strength, and renewed purpose for widows around the world.

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